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Angelina Alexon Performs "Christmas Time" at the Capitol

Pop singer Angelina Alexon debuted her festive new holiday single, “Christmas Time,” at the US Capitol Thursday morning; as part of the 27th annual Global Goddess Artemis Awards.  She also sang the United States national anthem at the ceremony.

The young artist is a popular social influencer, heralded for singing in multiple languages and for possessing a vocal range that spans five octaves.  Her videos, including her pop release from this summer, “Bada Boom”, have amassed over sixty million views across her channels.

Ms. Alexon is a “self-contained independent artist that enjoys doing everything herself”, including “Christmas Time,” a heartfelt song about love, family and spreading warmth through the season that she produced earlier this year and penned when she was only 12-years-old.   “Growing up, Christmas was my favorite time of year because it united two sides of my family that didn’t get along.  At Christmas time, they would come together because they knew how important it was for me. I became the peacemaker.”

Twelve-year-old Angelina recorded the demo for the original version of “Christmas Time” on a cell phone. “My voice sounds the same,” she acknowledges today.  “Just the general technique (of my singing was) a bit different when I was younger.” When re-recording the track earlier this year, Ms. Alexon opted to keep the vibe and style of the original but, towards the end of the song, she added the whistle notes she has become Insta-famous for.

Whistle notes are something very few artists can do.  Mariah Carey is arguably the queen of whistle notes.  Ms. Alexon recently demonstrated her extraordinary talent with a cover of Mariah Carey’s hit rhythm and blues single from 1991, "Emotions.”

Ms. Alexon was offered the opportunity to perform the US Capitol three months ago, after a performance at the Zappeion Megaron Theatre in Greece.  In the audience were several members of the U.S. Congress, including Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney who called Angelina’s rendition of the “The Star-Spangled Banner” the best she had ever heard.

The invitation to perform the DC ceremony was a dream come true for Ms. Alexon.  “That little 12-year-old girl, writing songs of friendship, family and fun times, dreamed of pursuing a music career in the USA.” 

Of "Christmas Time", while it is a happy song, the artist admits it brings tears to her eyes when she sings it. “It is a reminder of the obstacles I have overcome in order to reach where I am now, and it is a reflection of happy times with the family I love.”

Her plans for 2024 include updating her line of merchandise for fans and releasing new music in more countries and collaborating with other artists on projects. 

Angelina Alexon’s “Christmas Time” is available on Spotify.  Follow the artist on Instagram @ angelina_alexon